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The designer

Chinedu Ukabam first started designing under the Chinedesign label in 2003. Without any prior fashion industry experience or exposure, his "Love.Life.Music" T-shirt, which was initially designed to promote an album, sold over 300 units in a few months in Toronto alone; most of which were customized to the customer's specifications. Today Chinedesign has expanded from just graphic T's to a full range of menswear and womenswear that have been sold in boutiques from Toronto to Tokyo. Taking inspiration from his upbringing in Nigeria, the UK, Dubai and Canada, Chinedu has created seasonal collections which have been featured in magazines such as Eye Weekly and Sway, on television shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Divas and Dimes and Da Kink and in films such as Charles Officer's "Nurse.Fighter.Boy". Chinedu recently returned to Toronto after relocating to Paris to enhance his knowledge of the fashion business at the renowned HEC Paris and find new inspiration for his designs. Chinedesign has proven especially popular with artists and creatives. Jarvis Church, K-OS, the late Baatin of Slum Village, UK rapper Ty, actor Ngozi Paul and theater director Weyni Mengesha have all been spotted in Chinedesign clothing. Chinedu’s latest project, an African-inspired pop-up shop and gallery called SUPAFRIK was well received when it debuted in Kensington Market, Toronto. The first international installation of SUPAFRIK was held in Washington DC and he is currently collaborating with other designers and entrepreneurs to tour the concept across North America and Europe in the spring.

The inspiration

  • team Afro Futurism

    African inspiration in fashion has often been limited to clichéd takes on safari wear or use of the "Ankara" print wax cotton. Chinedu added much needed variety to the palette with the launch of his first new collection in two years, Afrotropolis. The collection was launched at an invite only "fashion gallery" presentation in Toronto. The line featured stylish and forward-looking African-inspired designs, showcased on "freeze models". Chinedu described this collection as containing, "a slice of history, a spoonful of fantasy and a pinch of humor". Chinedu designed all his print fabrics from scratch, drawing on inspiration from the rich tapestry of traditional and contemporary African culture and history. Weave patterns found in an ancient Ghanaian Kente cloth served as the inspiration behind futuristic "bar-code" print. South African Ndebele wall art was brought to life when the bright geometric patterns were transposed onto distressed denim and airy silks. Cowry shells dipped in gold were used in place of metal studs to create an Afro-punk look. Nomadic African "cowboys" also served as the inspiration behind the cowhide graphic print denim that was quite popular with the audience at the presentation

  • team Subway Romance

    Encore is Chinedu's parting love letter to Toronto just before embarking on a two year hiatus from the city and fashion design. It also marks Chinedu's foray into fashion film at a time when it was still uncharted territory. The narrative in the film is that of a simple boy meets girl story with the Toronto subway system serving as the backdrop for the encounter. Each piece in the collection is inspired by one of six different subway stations or neighbourhood. Woodbine, Dupont, High Park, Museum, St. Clair West and Eglinton West. In lieu of a fashion show, the Encore collection as well as the short film were simultaneously revealed at a screening at the Fashion District.

  • team The Gold Standard Jack The Union

    Brit Remix

    The Gold Standard series started out as an experiment by Chinedu to take all things timelessly British (Houndstooth, compulsory school uniforms, Argyle, rugby, Queen Victoria, the Union Jack) and remix them into modern garments. The result was rugby dresses, houndstooth suede pants, Union Jack lined vest and zip-ups and trench-coats inspired by the Buckingham Palace guards. The first installation in this collection was launched at the Fusion IV fashion showcase while the second installation was launched at the HELM event to raise money and awareness around water scarcity in Africa. Chinedu later renamed this collection Jack the Union. Click on "collections" on the menu and use the grey/blue buttons to navigate the different collections.

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